Magickal Oils, Herbs, Teas, Potions
and Empowering Them

Oil of wonder; Oil of power
Increase in potency by minute and Hour
I conjure you now; I charge you with strength
I give you life of infinite length
And boundless magickal energy
As I will, charged you be.

To empower or enchant your magickal oils, herbs and potions after purchasing them, you need to focus your mind on your magickal goal and on the specific effect you expect the oil, etc., to have. Use your intention plus the natural energy of the ingredient to "cook" the magickal energy into them. Your focused energy is imparted into the ingredients through your willful intent, your touch and the heat of your hands.

Use the three basis steps of magick–intention coupled with expectation, desire and merging–to empower whatever it is you wish to empower. When you mix the ingredients, mix them with the intention and expectations of imparting your magickal goal into them.

You can also use the power of touch to enchant potion ingredients. First, wash your hands well, dry them and then rub the palms of your hands briskly together to charge them with energy. Immediately place your hands on the ingredient for a few moments, imagining that you are transferring the energy in your hands into the ingredient, very much like you would bless food. You can also do this with any teas that you drink....instilling that magick in it. Then, whenever possible, use the fingers of your power hand to mix the ingredients. Your power hand is your right hand if you are right-handed. If you are ambidextrous, your power hand is the one you eat with. If you are using a wooden spoon or blender to mix the ingredients, visualize or sense the energy from your hands moving into the spoon or blender, and then moving into the potion mixture. If you need to, just pretend doing this at first until you get the hang of it.

While you mix and charge the potion ingredients whether it be an oil for psychic power, a money oil, herb potion, etc., , either with your fingers, a wooden spoon, or in a blender, send your energy into the mixture. The stronger your desire for your goal, the stronger the energy you impart into the potion. At first it may seem odd to actually be sending power or energy into the ingredients, but with a little practice, empowering and energetically charging potions becomes a natural skill that is easy and fun. You will also begin to understand how powerful transferring energy from your hands to another object or from your mind to a specific goal can really be. More specifically, how this energy can be applied toward attaining your magickal goals.

The key to empowering your oils, incense and brews, as in all magickal workings, is to stay focused on your magickal goal for the entire time it takes to make up your recipe and then use your recipe. For example, if you are adding the ingredient vanilla to a love potion, concentrate on each ingredient bringing sweet and delicious love into your life. See, touch, taste, hear and smell the love coming into your life. Imagine the potion being particularly effective. See and sense it as already having the proper effect. As I stated in my Candle Magick, with any type of magickal working, always see it as if it has already happened and not going to happen. Seeing it as a "done deal" and start making room in your life for whatever it is you are asking for. Do this by moving your thoughts into the near future and imagine the succesful effect of the potion. In your awareness feel the great joy and happiness of having the potion work, of attaining your magickal goal. If you are asking for money, see yourself basking in money now! See and sense your magickal success.

Then move your awareness back to the present and impart that image and joyful energy, that great feeling into the potion ingredients. You can do this by imagining a bright white light coming from your hands and moving into the ingredients, or you can see and sense a laser beam of light coming from your third eye and igniting the ingredients with is powerful radiance. You can also use deep breathing to empower potions by sensing yourself breathing energy into the ingredients.

Another important thing to remember is whatever you are empowering your oils and other magickal potions with, do it by the phase of the Moon and pay close attention to when the moon is void of course. This is very important.

Even if you are dealing with one oil, for instance, using patchouli for banishing, you need to empower and enchant it. Even if you bought a potion from a store already prepared, you need to empower and enchant it yourself. If you bought some herb teas from the grocery store, you can empower and enchant the teas as well for whatever the occasion. For instance, if you bought some Cinnamon Apple tea which contains cinnamon and orange peel, which are both good for psychic abilities, then charge your tea for that. I also add mullin spices which has Allspice and cloves in it which is great for the Crone Goddess, not even mentioning the apple. I always drink this tea throughout the month, whatever the phase of the Moon, because it is a good psychic ability enhancer. So, I stack up on mullin spices at Yule.  So, you really do not need to drink any Mugwart! 

After you have placed the potion in its container, whether it be oil, herbs or incense, you can empower it even more by saying the above chant at the beginning of this page or if you are empowering a herb tea, say the following:

Herb of great power, of magick and grace
Flow into this liquid and now interlace
Your strength and your power as you steep into tea
In the name of the Goddess, so mote it be.

Your oil, incense, herb or tea is now ready to do its magick.

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Blessed Be ~ Lady Hecate~

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